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Golf Guide for Beginners

Gloved hand placing golf ball on teeIf you have thought about playing Golf and want to know more about it, then you have come to the right place. This  website is aimed as a ‘Beginners guide to golf’ and  will hopefully provide some useful information and resources to get you started in this sport.

How you decide to start in golf will depend upon your available time and budget and what you want to get out of the activity.

You may be looking for a pastime just as an occassional hobby or maybe you yearn to be a top golf professional and compete in competitions. Whatever you decide an appropriate route is available. It’s a great sport for men, women and children alike. It helps to keep you fit and gets you out in the fresh air. You can play individually or in groups so can make it as social as you like.

Golfball by hole

The aim of Golf

The basic aim of golf is to hit a dimpled ball from one area (The Tee) to the hole which is situated on a green and signposted with a flag. (See the example golf hole)It’s a challenging, fun and often infuriating game that tends to get people hooked once they start.

Getting Started in Golf: The Basics

What equipment do I need?

An ideal way to start playing is to get hold of a small set of golf clubs: borrowed, second hand or new (view the golf equipment page for information ) and some golf balls.

Where can I practice?

The Driving Range:
A driving Range

A driving range is great for beginners. This is usually a covered area divided into bays with golf matting. Buckets of balls are purchased via a vending machine and users can practice their golf swings by hitting the balls from the mats into a field which is marked off in distances and often has golf flags on posts or nets.Often these driving ranges are flood-lit and stay open well into the evening.A tractor like vehicle picks up the balls.

Driving Range Prices:

(approx prices – amounts of balls may vary)

  • 25 balls         =          £2
  • 50 balls         =         £3
  • 75 balls         =         £4
  • 100 balls       =         £5

Some driving ranges have a practice putting area where beginners can try putting the ball into holes on a green.

Pay and play golf course(9 hole):

Somewhere close in your area will be a 9 hole pay and play course where members of the public can pay to play a round of golf without having any membership. These courses have basic rules and tend to be very friendly and informal.

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